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Meet lucy, the founder

Scent and Snug was started as a lockdown hobby in January this year. After getting Covid and losing my sense of smell, I vowed never to take it for granted again!

I have always loved candles and wax melts, and after spending a great deal of time searching for a particular scent or aroma, I decided to create and start selling my own.

My aim is to create strong smelling products, that are beautiful, natural and cruelty free. I wish to promote a sense of calm and positive well being, to help you find time to relax and look after yourself, in our busy day to day lives.

Every single product is hand poured, wrapped, stickered, packed and posted by me, using 100% natural soy wax and non-toxic fragrance oils of the highest quality.

Scent and Snug is a sustainable brand, from the bio-degradable wax and glitter, to our plastic free packaging. Every decision made behind the scenes is with our sustainable ethos in mind.

Thank you for supporting  my small business. It really does mean so much!

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